north coast naturals raw hemp smoothie

North Coast Naturals is Proud to Serve You the New Sensation in Organic Protein Smoothies

Raw Hemp Smoothie is an all natural, whole food super smoothie! It's simplistically rich in fibre, proteins, whole grain & super foods - including organic spirulina & probiotics and a full 1/3 of your daily fibre needs - that's 3x MORE!

Just add water, shake it up and it's ready to drink - no blender or heavy clean up required!


north coast naturals raw hemp smoothie
  • 100% Canadian raw hemp protein
  • 3x more fibre: provides over 1/3 of your daily fibre.
  • 3 servings of whole food grains/veggies
  • Only 90 calories
  • Alkalizing for greater immunity
  • Plus Green Food Super Trio™ and dairy free probiotics
    • Spirulina, the greenest super food on the planet
    • Sprouted broccoli and sprouted chia provide 4x superior nutritional levels than non-sprouted sources
    • Dairy free probiotics provide beneficial bacteria that improve digestive tract and gut (stomach) health


  • Tastes great: best tasting raw hemp smoothie ever!
  • All natural: contains no animal products
  • Probiotics: the goodness of yogurt, but dairy free & with zero yogurt taste
  • Complete protein: plus hemp digests easier than soy or pea protein
  • EFAs: hemp is a source of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs (Essentials Fatty Acids) — the good fats
  • Raw, organic & non-GMO: our hemp is 100% raw cold pressed right at the source — no solvents or hexane
  • Two gourmet flavours: Berry Burst & Natural Chocolate


  1. How good does Raw Hemp Smoothie taste?

    Well, of course you would expect us to say it tastes great — and it does!

  2. Really - it tastes that good?

    YES! When we were coming up with the recipe we invited people who enjoy hemp shakes to taste test Raw Hemp Smoothie — we also invited others who previously HATED other hemp protein shakes. ALL of the taste testers were blown away — the taste of RAW HEMP SMOOTHIE is fantastic, and it is so good in fact that even the most fussy taste testers enjoyed our smoothies. One of them exclaimed "Wow! I never liked any vegetarian proteins, but THIS Raw Hemp Smoothie makes me want to switch from my whey protein and go vegan!" Truly, Raw Hemp Smoothie is fantastic! (whey is the most popular protein powder for many, which comes from milk).

  3. What kinds of fibres does this contain? Soluble? Insoluble?

    RAW HEMP SMOOTHIE is 1/3rd fibre and delivers all 3 types of beneficial fibre; soluble, insoluble and prebiotic.

  4. What percent of the formula is raw?

    81% of the formula is raw — the hemp itself is 100% raw. (Raw food is usually defined as food being handled or processed at temperatures below 104-115 degrees Fahrenheit).

  5. Is Raw Hemp Smoothie good for low sodium diets?

    Yes. The product is low sodium (berry flavour is only 10mg sodium; the chocolate formula contains only 75mg of sodium which is only 3% of the recommended daily intake). A food under 140mg sodium per serving is "low sodium". 75mg is 1/20th of the minimum of sodium recommended per day (1500 mg) by the World Health Organization.

  6. I see there is sea salt in the chocolate flavour — should I be concerned?

    No — with only 75 mg sodium this is a low sodium product. A low sodium diet is a diet that includes no more than 1,500 to 2,400 mgs of total sodium per day (source: Heart Failure Society of America).

  7. Why is sea salt used in the chocolate flavour?

    Using just cocoa alone would leave the product very, very bitter (raw cocoa powder tastes like biting into a hunk of semi-sweet chocolate — it is not pleasant!). The small amount of organic sea salt brings out a much better chocolate taste. We chose organic sea salt as we feel it is a healthier alternative to simple table salt and it actually contains less sodium than table salt.

  8. Is Raw Hemp Smoothie good for low glycemic diets?

    Yes — Raw Hemp Smoothie is a very balanced whole food. It is high in raw whole food protein, fibre, EFAs and is sugar reduced by 78%. With all the fibre and whole food proteins and EFAs, they negate the small amount of natural sugars. (the glycemic index is calculated to be 45)

  9. How is Raw Hemp Smoothie sweetened then?

    Raw Hemp Smoothie is sugar reduced by 78% (1 cup of a normal smoothie needs 35-40 grams of sugar to taste right). Raw Hemp Smoothie contains natural sugars and they amount to less than 1/4 the normal amount of sugars in normal smoothies, its amazing taste is enhanced with a naturally sweet natural flavour from oranges. It does not taste like oranges — it's just nice and sweet, zero calories, zero glycemic index and is all natural.

  10. Is it Low Gluten?

    Hemp powder is considered gluten free, but more accurately, contains less than 0.002% gluten (less than 20 parts per million, which most consider as "gluten free"). The rest of the ingredients are not known to contain gluten. For those following a low gluten diet, Raw Hemp Smoothie is a great choice.

  11. Is it Gluten Free?

    For those with severe gluten allergies and needing gluten free products this formula should not contain more than 0.002% gluten (less than 20 parts per million), which is generally considered to be gluten free as per the World Health Organization. We always suggest getting full disclosure from your food suppliers — we're proud to disclose all the ingredient types that we do use in our organic facility, so you can make a safe and informed choice: [Responsible Manufacturer's Note: made in our quality controlled GMP plant on machinery that also handles milk powders, soy, nuts, peanuts, seeds, wheat, egg, sulphites - if you have any food allergy concerns, consult your physician before use.]

  12. What is non-grit hemp protein?

    Hemp protein comes from the pressing and screening of hemp seeds, and is a room temperature process. MOST hemp powders use a "single screened" process, which leaves the powder with larger particles and thus is gritty. OUR hemp that we select direct from the Canadian prairies is instead "triple screened" to remove the larger particles — these two extra screenings remove the larger particles and deliver a smoother texture that tastes smooth.

Nutritional Facts

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