Pure, vegan, non-GMO North Coast Naturals Fermented L-Glutamine

What is Fermented L-Glutamine used for?

Supplementation of 100% pure L-Glutamine powder has been common for over 20 years beginning with use by athletes. Many studies suggest it helps with recovery, alleviating physical/mental stress, joint pain, and mental fitness. It has also been found to have a significant effect on the body's rate of tissue repair. It also helps support the immune and digestive systems after periods of physical stress. Glutamine can help to reduce depression, anxiety, irritability, moodiness, insomnia, and distress due to short bowel syndrome.

North Coast Naturals Fermented L-Glutamine:

  • 100% pure from natural sources
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Unflavoured
  • Zero fillers, zero sugar and zero impurities
  • No shellfish or other animal products
  • Fermented with bacterial cultures

Why is Fermented L-Glutamine Best?

L-Glutamine powder should be a clean, white colour with no yellow or slightly brown powder. Some cheaper glutamines are sourced from wheat. Wheat is hard to digest and is ONLY 30% glutamine. Some L-Glutamine is sourced from shellfish where there may be measurable amounts of harmful heavy metals. L-Glutamine comes from a fermentation process of vegetables, commonly beets. The vegetables are fermented with bacterial cultures, which means a completely vegan Fermented
L-Glutamine. North Coast Naturals L-Glutamine is non-GMO, unflavoured, 100% pure from natural sources and contains zero fillers, zero sugars and zero impurities.

Benefits of Fermented L-Glutamine:

  • Maintains the health of your intestinal tract
  • Helps your body produce glutathione, a key antioxidant nutrient
  • Helps maintain your muscle mass
  • Vastly improves recovery times from injury, surgery and exercise
  • Increases resistance to colds — Glutamine is a primary immune system "booster"
  • Slows the aging process by increasing "youth hormone" — Youth and Immunity Booster Studies have shown 2 grams of
    L-Glutamine daily increased growth hormone levels by over 400%
  • Athletes note increased power and endurance
  • Taking L-Glutamine after workouts or before bedtime, times when muscle tissue typically undergoes repair and recuperation can be particularly effective


  1. When is the best time to take Fermented L-Glutamine to improve recovery times from exercise?

    To improve the body's ability to recover from exercise, the best time to take Fermented L-Glutamine is right after a workout and at night right before bedtime.

  2. Is Fermented L-Glutamine gluten-free?

    Fermented L-Glutamine naturally does not contain gluten and is considered to be a gluten-free product. It is, however, manufactured in our facility where we also handle ingredients from milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, egg and seeds. While we adhere to strict manufacturing practices to best prevent cross-contamination, we would like to make this apparent for those with severe allergies.

  3. What is the best way to store Fermented L-Glutamine?

    Store Fermented L-Glutamine in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight for best results.

  4. How much Fermented L-Glutamine should you supplement with?

    The recommend dose for an adult is 5 g taken once daily; however, some athletes may want to consider increasing that amount depending on their level of activity. To use for medical reasons, discuss with your doctor the amount that is right for you. Doctors may prescribe Fermented L-Glutamine to help improve recovery times after surgery and to assist in the treatment of some diseases.

  5. How long can you keep Fermented L-Glutamine after opening?

    To maximize the effectiveness of Fermented L-Glutamine, we recommend using it daily, in which case one container will be used within 30-60 days. That being said, if you don't use it right away, it can be stored up to 2 years while still maintaining effectiveness.

  6. Can I take Fermented L-Glutamine with other supplements?

    Yes. Fermented L-Glutamine can be combined with Iso Protein 100 or Vege PRO-7 for an excellent recovery drink. You can also combine it with Ultimate Daily Greens, BCAA's or any other sports supplement you may be using.

  7. Where does Fermented L-Glutamine come from?

    We use vegetable based, naturally fermented, l-glutamine. Fermentation is a natural process, using vegetable ingredients as the base. The vegetable most commonly used in our process is non-GMO sugar beets. Microbial fermentation is animal free, GMO free.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts and Recommended Use for North Coast Naturals Fermented L-Glutamine

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