About a plant-based diet

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

The number of people in North America following a plant-based diet has increased substantially in recent years because of the growing evidence supporting its incredible health benefits. A large body of scientific evidence clearly shows that the consumption of a plant-based diet is consistently associated with:

  • Lower blood pressure & LDL blood cholesterol levels
  • Less obesity & heart disease
  • Lower incidence of stroke, diabetes, cancer and mortality
  • Increased energy & overall health and well being

Meeting the Nutritional Needs of a Plant-Based Diet

People who choose to follow a plant-based diet are often very conscious of meeting their nutritional needs. Convenient options, alternative foods and superior quality all-natural supplements that meet nutritional needs are often difficult to find. Those following a plant-based diet need sensible and convenient nutritional solutions to ensure their needs are being met, and to optimize overall health and well being. North Coast Naturals is proud to provide a broad range of plant-based supplements, whole foods, certified organic, vegetarian, and vegan supplements, and alternatives to common allergenic foods and animal-based supplements.

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