Win 2 Bottles of the New Vege PRO-7 from North Coast Naturals!

We are very proud to introduce our all new plant-based protein, Vege PRO-7! Vege Pro-7 has been specially formulated with 7 organic proteins, 1 amazing taste and nothing artificial.

Made with 7 organic plant-based proteins:
1. Organic, Bio-Fermented, Sprouted Raw Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein
2. Organic Canadian Hemp Seed Protein
3. Organic Chia Seed Protein
4. Organic Sprouted Quinoa Protein
5. Organic Coconut Protein
6. Organic Alfalfa Protein
7. Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein

All New Vege PRO-7 from North Coast Naturals

Getting enough protein is always a concern when you’re not consuming animal products. Vege PRO-7 takes out the guesswork and offers a delicious solution for anyone looking to add more protein to their diet.

We developed Vege PRO-7 to provide a clean source of fuel for those who want to eat vegetarian, avoid common food allergies, or have other dietary restrictions, making it simple to get the nutrition you need on a daily basis, without compromise. Not only that, every time you drink Vege PRO-7 you’ll be amazed at how something so healthy can taste so good!

10 Reasons to Add Vege PRO-7 To Your Diet:
1. Helps maintain increased energy levels.
2. Helps improve muscle metabolism.
3. Helps empower the immune system.
4. Contains all 9 essential amino acids.
5. 7 vegetarian proteins to help build lean muscle tissue.
6. Specially formulated for easy digestion.
7. Mixes easily with water or your favourite non-dairy milk, no blending required.
8. Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.
9. Formulated without soy, dairy, gluten or pea.
10. Low in calories with 20 g of high-quality protein per serving

All New Vege PRO-7 from North Coast Naturals

Whether you enjoy it as a pre-yoga snack, in a post-workout shake, in your morning smoothie, or simply whenever you need a convenient all-natural energy boost, you’ll know you’re getting the quality nutrition you need to support your active lifestyle.

With Vege PRO-7 you’ll be feeling great, looking great and resting easy knowing you’re providing your body with the nutrition it craves, without any artificial ingredients.

Vegan athletes or anyone living a healthy and active lifestyle will find Vege PRO-7 to be a welcome addition to their nutrition and supplement program. With Vege PRO-7 you can train at intense levels while providing your body with the nutrition it needs to recover.

With 20 g of high-quality protein per serving you know you’re getting the nutrition you need to fuel all your favourite activities. Plus, it’s low in fat, cholesterol and sodium, and high in fibre, protein and essential fatty acids.

All New Vege PRO-7 from North Coast Naturals

Although Vege PRO-7 tastes amazing just mixed with water, it can also be used to boost the nutritional profile of smoothies, baking and other recipes. Both flavours work well to add a subtle, sweet flavour to your favourite recipes. It’s highly versatile and can be added to a variety of recipes such as muffins, homemade protein bars or even mixed into oatmeal.

Now for the exciting part! The giveaway! It’s easy to enter. Follow the instructions below to enter to win one bottle of each flavour of the new Vege PRO-7. There will be 2 winners for this giveaway. Open to Canadian residents only. Contest closes November 17th at 10am PST.

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Vege PRO-7 is available in select locations across Canada as well as online through a number of preffered retailers. For more information visit our Where to Buy page or contact us at

Edit: Congratulations to Joe and Julie! They were the winners of this contest. Thank you to everyone who participated! 

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