7 Simple Tips for Daily Detoxification

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Detoxification doesn’t have to be a one-off extreme cleanse, juice fast or other measure performed just once or twice a year. There are actually many steps you can take to detoxify your body on a daily and continual basis than can help to maximize your body’s ability to remove toxins.

These steps for daily detoxification can prevent waste from building up and causing problems down the road. The healthy habits listed below are simple to incorporate into your life on a daily basis. Not only will these tips help contribute to your overall well-being, but the health benefits are far too many to count.

1. Start the day with lemon water.

If you choose just one of these tips to add your daily routine, make it this one! Starting the day with a mug of warm water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon squeezed into it stimulates digestion and helps the body flush out toxins. Being high in vitamin C, lemon also boosts the immune system and is great for the skin.

Lemons are alkaline in the body which balances pH, they’re high in pectin fibre which can help fight hunger cravings and hydrating the lymph system first thing in the morning will prevent dehydration and adrenal fatigue throughout the day. This is a very simple, yet highly effective habit that can greatly improve how you feel all day long.

Lemon Water to Start the Day | Tips for Daily Detox

2. Brush the skin.

Dry skin brushing is a very simple technique that yields many health benefits. Not only will you notice softer, firmer skin and a healthy glow, but skin brushing also stimulates circulation and increases cell renewal.

By dry brushing the skin the lymphatic system is stimulated and the body can more efficiently transfer nutrients and remove waste at a cellular level. It’s also incredibly invigoration, making it a perfect addition to your morning routine. Last but not least, dry skin brushing has also been shown to reduce cellulite overtime by stimulating the removal of toxins out of adipose tissue.

Find Instructions for Dry Skin Brushing here.

Dry Skin Brushing | Tips for Daily Detox

3. Get sweaty.

Hopefully you’re already getting a daily dose of exercise, whether it be walking, running or lifting weights, as long as you’re moving, any activity works! Now if you can push yourself hard enough to work up a sweat, even better! Sweating is very healthy and cleansing for the body.

It helps the body remove toxins, unclogs pores, cleanses the skin, improves circulation, improves cardiovascular health, relieves stress and boosts the metabolism. Aim to get sweaty everyday and you’ll not only feel great, but you’ll be naturally detoxing your body in the process.

Sweat Everyday | Tips for Daily Detox

4. Add Ultimate Daily Cleanse to your diet.

Ultimate Daily Cleanse can be added to hot cereal, cold cereal or yogurt; mixed with your smoothie or protein shake; or simply swirled around in your morning juice. It’s all-natural and supplies essential omega-3 fatty acids. EFAs keep the lining of your colon lubricated, so that all your fibre and food waste, can pass through your colon gently everyday, which keeps your colon cleaner and healthier.

Providing 56% of your daily fibre requirements, healthy probiotics and natural ingredients such as psyllium, ground flax and organic sprouted chia, Ultimate Daily Cleanse is an easy way to help eliminate food waste daily and improve the health of your digestive system.

Ultimate Daily Cleanse | Tips for Daily Detox

5. Go hot and cold.

Hot and cold therapy has been used for centuries as a powerful detoxification method. Some of the benefits of this technique include increased energy, increased circulation and lymphatic stimulation. The easiest way to replication this common spa offering is to finish your daily shower with alternating very hot and very cold water temperatures.

Try starting with a few minutes of hot water, followed by a blast of cold water for about 1 minute. Repeat this several times for at the end of your shower for another addition to your daily detoxification routine.

Hot and Cold Therapy | Tips for Daily Detox

6. Have a cup of detoxifying tea.

A daily cup of tea is another simple yet effective habit that aids in daily detoxification. There are a variety of teas, such as dandelion root and green tea, that have numerous cleansing and detox properties.

Depending on what you’re looking for, different teas can help to cleanse the liver and kidneys, reduce stress, improve sleep, bring a sense of calm or increase energy levels. Instead of reaching for an afternoon coffee, make it a cup of tea and enjoy the plentiful health benefits they can offer.

Tea for Detox | Tips for Daily Detox

7. Drink a green smoothie.

Adding green foods such as spinach, kale and cucumber to your smoothies is not only simple and delicious, but the health benefits are too numerous to ignore. Green smoothies are high in fibre, which improves digestion, helps the body to eliminate toxins and aids in weight loss. They’re also high in antioxidants essential for optimum health, they can increase energy, help clear the skin, improve mental clarity and alertness and are high in a number of other vitamins and minerals.

BONUS: To really kick your next green smoothie up a notch, try adding in a scoop of Ultimate Daily Greens. You’ll get the antioxidant levels of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables, the chlorophyll of 25 servings of vegetables the electrolytes and minerals of 10 servings of vegetables. Not only that, it tastes amazing!

Daily Green Smoothies | Tips for Daily Detox

– By Deryn Macey

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